Lab work and presentations

There is always something going on here at the Migratory Bird Research Group! While our field seasons are limited to the spring and fall migratory periods, outside of that time we are constantly entering and proofing data, organizing and analyzing samples, refining our hypotheses and experiments, and of course presenting our research.

Just last this week I (finally) completed the last of the lab work necessary to analyze the testosterone levels in the blood samples I obtained during the spring 2012 field season. While it surely is exciting to finally be able to transform these samples into actual data, this lab work is time consuming and a lot of work. Each assay takes 3 days to complete and only analyzes 32 samples at a time. Thus to analyze the samples collected just this past spring, I needed to complete 14 assays….phew! Needless to say, I am glad to be done with them for this year and excited to go out into the field again to collect more samples. I have 3 weeks left before we leave for the 2013 spring season and there sure is a lot of work to be done to prepare!

One of my favorite things about doing research is sharing my work with just about anyone that will listen. I am sure that my friends and colleagues will agree that my project, or other projects, and research in general, are always on my mind in one way or another. Today the Mississippi Academy of Sciences annual meeting is taking place on campus and it was great to be able to participate and present some of my dissertation research this morning. Next week I will be presenting to a small group from within my own department here at USM and I could not be more excited to have another opportunity to share my research.


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