Field season preparations

Our field site in Johnson’s Bayou, Louisiana, is a little over 6 hours away from the USM campus. It is located along the northern coast of the Gulf Of Mexico in western Cameron Parish. There is a lot to do in preparation for leaving for the season. Given the distance, forgetting anything is really not an option so as we pack, we must check and re-check that we have everything that we might need. Store-runs from this site can be problematic as well  given that we are in the field working (studying the birds) all day, every day and that the nearest store to us is more than a 40 minute drive away. The spring migration field season begins on 17 March. We will depart for Johnson’s Bayou on that Friday (the 15th) and my crew members will be arriving on Saturday. If all goes well, we will set up the nets and clear any downed vegetation from the site on Sunday and have our first day of banding on Monday.

So much to do to prepare before hand though but it will all be more than worth it in the end when I am back, out in the field, where I really love to be. Back to packing for now.



2 responses to “Field season preparations

  1. Kristen – There are two stores now in Johnson Bayou within 5 minutes of the beach house. Yeah!

  2. This is great news Kay. Very exciting! It will definitely make it easier to get groceries after our long days in the field. I am sure people in the community are very glad to have a store back in Johnson’s Bayou again. Thanks for the info!

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