Final Preparations then off to Johnson’s Bayou we go!


We are making our final preparations before heading off to the field. Today I completed my checklist(S) of items to pack and then double checked everything. Tomorrow we will pick up the field vehicle and then pack everything into that and a cargo van that my lab mate Jill will be driving for us. All the equipment that we need for banding (poles, nets, tarps, tables, chairs, bird boxes, screen tent, ropes, etc, etc, etc) and all the equipment we need for our project-specific sampling must be brought to the site each year (and, of course, brought back at the end of the field season). So we always have a full van load of gear to transport for each field season. Early Friday morning Will (lab mate), Jill, and I will head off for Johnson’s Bayou. Will is going to conduct his first season for his master’s research and Jill is going to be driving the cargo van to and from Johnson’s Bayou.

Something that I haven’t done yet is pack my personal belongings. I suppose I will need to do that as well but those things seem to always take a back seat to preparing the field gear. My next post should be from Johnson’s Bayou so stay tuned for what will inevitably be a very exciting and productive field season.



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