Slow but steady, migration has begun

We are happy to report more than 750 songbirds banded this far of 55 different species. Just yesterday we had our first Swainson’s Thrush and Warbling Vireo of the season. Thus, we are beginning to get some of those Neotropical migrants (birds that breed in North American but winter in Central and/or South America).
We have yet to have a big fallout day though. We are anxious for the days where the number of birds arriving to our coast after their trip across the Gulf of Mexico stop at our site number in the hundreds. When they are all over our site and we are kept busy all day long.
Even though we are going on 4 weeks into the season here, the peak of migration is still about one week away. Hopefully busier days are ahead but for now we will keep ourselves occupied by observing the reptiles and amphibians on the site (they seem to be outnumbering the birds at this point.




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