Hello from Dauphin Island, Alabama

I have been getting things going here on Dauphin Island. Over the next 7 weeks I will be studying the migrant songbirds that pass through the island on their way south. My primary goal is to catch Swainson’s Thrushes so I can sample them and further study their hormones. While I’m here though, I will be catching and banding other birds.

Over the last few days I have been working on getting my net locations picked out and figuring out the best ways to do everything. Today was my first decent day in terms of catching migrants but it is clear that the fall migrants have yet to arrive in full force. I will be out again tomorrow before I head back to the university for a couple days to take care of my teaching obligations.

List of captures over the last few days:

1 American Redstart

2 Hooded Warbler

1 Ovenbird

1 Red-eyed Vireo

1 Eastern Wood-pewee

5 Carolina Wren

1C Northern Cardinal (captured but not banded)OVEN


2 responses to “Hello from Dauphin Island, Alabama

  1. Hey, Kristen. I hope you have a successful season. I’ve started to see some travelers but, since you guys aren’t holding them for me I haven’t been able to identify anything yet. Take care! Lisa

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