Dauphin Island- October 6-8

Someone turned the heat back on 😦

South winds have brought temperatures back up reaching low 90s by mid-afternoon. South winds have also stalled any respectable movements of migrants in this area. Numbers dipped back down to where they had been previously and have left this wary graduate student unsure about the chances of a successful field season. Swainson’s Thrush numbers are still very low and we will need a really good end to the season in order to reach reasonable sample sizes. Wind forecast for the next several days is also not looking too promising, but the birds do have to move sometime….right??

The list:

Hooded Warbler: 2B

House Wren: 1B

Common Yellowthroat: 1R

Red-eyed Vireo: 3B

Ovenbird: 2B

Swainson’s Thrush: 4B

Carolina Wren: 1B, 2R

Downy Woodpecker: 1B

Gray Catbird: 7B

Wood Thrush: 3B

Northern Cardinal: 3B

Northern Mockingbird: 1C

Brown Thrasher: 1C

Red-bellied Woodpecker: 1C

Blue Jay: 1C

Total: 27B, 4C, 3R

Running Season Total: 94B, 18C, 10R





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