Dauphin Island- Alabama Ornithological Society and NO BIRDS

The Alabama Ornithological Society meeting was this past weekend. Many birders from throughout Alabama came to Dauphin Island hoping of great birding. I hope I am not out of line in speaking for them when I say they were likely very disappointed. More than a couple of them mentioned to me that this fall is very unusually slow for birds. Upon visiting the banding area, someone commented “that trail right there, when you walk down it you usually flush Catharus thrushes all over the place”. Upon asking what kind of thrush they responded “mostly Swainson’s”. Sigh! This year is NOT a normal year. At least I had the opportunity to meet with some of the members of AOS.

Over the past three days I have captured a grand total of 5, yes that’s five, birds. Yesterday, I captured a Gray-cheeked Thrush (in the Catharus genus) which got me a little excited for what else might be around but alas, I only caught one other bird all day! Both Saturday and today (Monday) I had sightings of a (single) Swainson’s but the buggers never made it into my nets.

There is a large front posed to pass through the area later today and tonight so we I might be in luck tomorrow and Wednesday. This graduate student can only hope.

The (pathetic) list:

Red-eyed Vireo: 1B

Gray-cheeked Thrush: 1B

Gray Catbird: 1B

Red-bellied Woodpecker: 1C

Wood Thrush: 1B

Total: 4B, 1C

Running Season Total: 98B, 19C, 10R



photo (1)


2 responses to “Dauphin Island- Alabama Ornithological Society and NO BIRDS

  1. Hello Kristen … we’ve never met, but I did help run nets a year ago August on Appledore and signed up for your link. If it’s any consolation, this has been a most dismal year for banding in the Twin Cities area of MN and Hudson, WI as well. We had a glorious spring with the most birds we’ve ever seen and then nothing all fall. Hope you get enough SWTH for your study.

    Look forward to your missives. Mary Messerli

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