Dauphin Island- The finale

My last couple days of banding yielded no additional Swainson’s Thrushes so my final count for the season is 8. Captures were dominated by Gray Catbirds and Wood Thrushes and I was able to show off a few birds and explain banding to several visitors to the site. The lovely Charlotte came down to help me on my last day and she did a wonderful job assisting me in taking down all my nets, poles, rebar, guy lines, etc etc and carrying everything out to the truck.

I am currently busy preparing for and getting all the banding data entered and once I do, I will report my final and official tally for the season. All in all though, I had a good (but sometimes frustrating) time and appreciate all the assistance I received throughout the season. Matt Capps from the Dauphin Island Beach Board was extremely helpful with logistics. Being able to rent a dorm room at the Dauphin Island Sea Lab was wonderfully convenient since I could walk to “work” each morning. Andrew H., a local birder, came by many times to chat birds and was generally helpful in terms of where I could expect to find thrushes. And of course my assistants and transportation, Laura L., Jennifer M., Charlotte P., and Cybil H. Thanks everyone!



photo (2)


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